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We do it all

Our qualified billiards mechanics can help with anything from a quick level to a complete restoration and everything in between. We are the one stop shop for everything Billiards and Beyond.



Pool table moving is our bread and butter. We will teardown the table, professionally pack it, and safely transport it to its new home, where it will get set up. We also have the ability to store your table for you (for a small fee) if it cannot go directly to its new home.  As with all of our other services we guarantee the level for a year.


If you have a table collecting dust or a table that made it to your house through other means, we will come bring the table back to life. We will take your table from large pieces on the ground to a fully functional table in just a couple of hours. 



If you need your table out of the way for some new home renovations, carpet cleaning, or just because you need the space for something else, we can come teardown the table and leave it in your home. We can help you get it moved out of the way into a storage space. Then if you decide to put it back up... we can help with that too (see Set-up). 

New Cloth

When your cloth has been thoroughly played on, animals got to it, or you want to change things up, we are here to help. We can install standard grade cloth in any color you can think of. 


New Cushions

Are the balls not bouncing back on the table very well? This means it's time for new cushions. We can install quality cushions that should last up to 30 years. However, with new cushions comes new cloth. They go hand in hand. We will have to replace the cloth with this in the color of your choice. 


We guarantee our level with every table we touch, no matter the service. As a result, we better be pretty good at leveling a table. So, if we have not worked on your table and you notice the level is off, we can help. After we level it for you, the level is then guaranteed for a year. 



Billiards tables is what we do and what we are passionate about. If you have an antique table that you need restored, we will go the extra mile to make sure it looks like it just came off the show-room floor. We will handle your table start to finish and then get it set up for you after restoration has been completed. However, this is a lengthy process so the turn around time will be much longer than any of our other services. 

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